Om mani peme hung

Welcome to kagyu shenpen tharchin!

Tibetan Buddhist practice and study group

We are a small, friendly group of people aiming to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. A few of us have been on the path for over 30 years; others have just begun. Regardless of our backgrounds or other attributes, we practice together as equals.

Our resident teacher is Lama Chodron. Our lineage is Karma Kagyu, as directed by Ogyen Trinley Dorje Rinpoche.

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the Practice Schedule

Thursday (on dates indicated below) · 7:00 p.m.
Chenrezi: the Lord of Compassion chanted ·  silent meditation · Dharma discussion

We chant and meditate in order to realize our inborn great compassion. The liturgy is translated as well as written phonetically.

Our practice is authentic and traditional, but we try to make it "user-friendly" by explaining the basic points and providing texts to everyone attending. You can chant along, read the liturgy to yourself, or enjoy meditating on the sounds.

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what do you Need to Know before attending?

A respectful and open mind and the willingness to ask questions are the best preparations. Don't worry if you're new to Buddhism. As the Tibetan proverb says, "Dharma is good at the beginning, good in the middle, and good in the end." Dress comfortably, and with respect to the temple setting. (Traditionally, men and women keep their legs and upper arms covered. No short shorts, tank tops or low-cut shirts.)

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